Original Loose Leaf Refill

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The Original innovation, in it's truest and most versatile form. Learn more.

The true essence of Coffee Leaf Tea is at your fingertips.

  • Loose leaf pouch of our award-winning flavour experience
  • Delivers antioxidants like mangiferin  and  cholorogenic acids
  • Creates year-round jobs for coffee growers
  • Put your steeping on autopilot: can't oversteep it, add hot water as needed for more cups
  • Available in 100-200g sizes, better pricing with more volume
  • Ingredients: arabica coffee leaf
  • 100g makes 40-120 cups with resteeps
  • Lightly caffeinated, about 20mg per cup (green tea = 25mg, black tea = 60mg, coffee =100mg+)

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